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Our dedicated recruitment team have an ideal mix of skills and knowledge, coming from a background of extensive recruitment experience. This gives us the ability to recruit the right people into the right schools.

The relationship we build with our teachers and support staff is very important. We want to get to know you and understand what is important to you, so you’ll be comfortable in the school that you’re placed in.

Our aim is for our supply staff to enjoy working in an environment that is suited to them.

Our knowledge of local schools and what is required of supply staff enables us to make an informed decision as to who is right for what role and school.

We work hard to understand the individual needs of schools and teachers and we promise to deliver:

  • An honest and professional service
  • Free career and recruitment advice
  • Access to our knowledge of schools to make sure we make a suitable match between you and your new employer
  • We provide every teacher with support and continuous professional development

Let`s start making a difference today.

To find out more on how you can inspire children and positively influence the future of education – why not call our head office and speak to our Recruitment Manager Santa Benga.

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